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Importer/Wholesaler of Food Products
to the
Japanese Confectionery Industry

Greetings from Ishihara Co., Ltd.

President: Junichi Ishihara

Welcome to Ishihara Co., Ltd. We are a US$35 million importer/wholesaler that specializes in products used in the production of sweets,candies, baked goods and other confectioneries.
Our company is headquartered in Osaka (the Kansai Region of Japan),but we also have extensive sales in the Kanto Region via our Tokyo sales office.
We supply products to every major confectionery company in Japan, and are always looking for new products and product lines to introduce to our
customers. If your company has a good,high quality product, and you are interested in selling in Japan,please contact us at your earliest convenience.
We look forward to speaking with you regarding your company and its products.


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