• 1916--Ishihara Co., Ltd. established.

  • 1950--Primary business becomes supplying products to the
    confectionery industry.

  • 1964--Tokyo sales office opened

  • 1980--Began directly importing products. Currently, most products are imported
    directly from overseas principals.

  • 1987--Processing subsidiary Hestina established.

  • 1990--Opened representative office in Seattle, Washington U.S.A

  • 1996--Gulliver.com (online retail store) is opened. http://www.galliver.com/

  • 1998--Junichi Ishihara becomes President. Shohichi Ishihara becomes Chairman.

  • 1999--Tokyo sales office is expanded and elevated to sales branch.

  • 2002--Mayfarm Co., Ltd., a processor of sweat potato filling for Japanese traditional
    desserts, is established in Shikoku, Japan.

  • 2003--Okini Limited, a wholesaler of specialty candy products, is established in
    Seattle, Washington U.S.A.

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